If you want to cook menemen you need to buy some food and get equipment which you can find in your home. So lets explain materials:
Tomato, onion, green pepper, oil, salt and egg but if you want to add sausage you can do it. First of all add oil to pan. Then wash all materials not include egg . Peel the onion,green papperand, tomato and slice they . Burn fire and heat the pan. When oil is heated, add sliced onion to pan and fry until it is yellow. After that add sliced green pepper and wait for a minute…

Hey Yo It’s me. How was going. I hope it is good. Today I buyed new Java book. It’s so exciting for me because it is include lots of expaining how to do something with java. initially I didnt like java coding until I start CS department. But if you have to do something, you can like it for using that technologies. So that’s what happened to me like that.

I scared to the book because it is 800 page and if i use it for learning something , it will so late. In this reason I should quicklook the…

As you know that I am studying computer engineering in PAU. There is a lot of advantages for me to studying in PAU. Because it is in my city so it is more profitable than other city’s univeritys for my family and I know that city. Get to the point Kadir what do you mean? Ok man don’t impatient (sabirsiz). I will come there.

I want to improve my programming and organization skill. What do you mean for organization? I mean managing big software developemnt projects. So if you want improve that skills you should make a network. It can…

I know you are waiting me man but I forgot write a story yesterday. So today I will write 2 story for you. In last story I stopped in website limits. I solved this problem :). There is Tor IP Changer github repo in Github. I cloned and run it. This is how this tool works:
Actually its only use Tor network. Tool creates proxy network (SOCKS port:9050) and you use that in your browser thats all. Let me add that without forgetting, you can change ip change frequency and process time.
Website checks my ip and give me 10 acces right…

Everybody say something about that but it is only his or her comment. It is not able to level up. First of all we should decide what we will do. Are you interested in web development ? or game programming ? or others?

You should searh about that topic. If you search ‘which programming language is the best’ on google,results will be about general things. So you should use more specific keywords such as ‘which programming language can i use for game development’.

I learn my favorite topics fast. I am python developer / student and I develop something about…

It’s my second article or diary and as I said, I forced myself to write something in English.

Todays topic is about my home and my sleep routine. First of all I live in apartment with my family in center of Denizli/Turkey. In about this region, houses has a lots of flat and so close each other. There is no lot tree in streets. Because of that I don’t wake up super energic in the mornings. This is one of the reasons why I wake up late. Normal day I wake up between 10am — 0 pm but work days this time is 7 am.

import day


I want to write many many rows in my diary but I have a lot of task in my life. School lessons, part time, house works and others waiting me :). So see you tomorrow!

Kadir Yaren

Software Engineer ( est. 2 year later)

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