Hey Yo It’s me. How was going. I hope it is good. Today I buyed new Java book. It’s so exciting for me because it is include lots of expaining how to do something with java. initially I didnt like java coding until I start CS department. But if you have to do something, you can like it for using that technologies. So that’s what happened to me like that.

I scared to the book because it is 800 page and if i use it for learning something , it will so late. In this reason I should quicklook the pages. Only %20 of book is important, rest of the book is not too important. Because of that i have to finish the book in 1 month with implementations. When I finish the book, I will learn how to code with object orianted programming, how to code java and how to code real life graphical user interface. Maybe in summer I will develop a android app or android game! important thing than all is I am imroving my english :D. Today I learnd new words when I read a article in internet. Article when I readed is about how to connect database with java. I learned those words:

query: query means if you are asking and thinking something about one thing you do quering.

obtain: obtain means if you collect thing from something, You have a thing, so you obtained thing.

relase: relase mean is publishing something or share something with others. For example: Company relased brand new cars.

initially: initially mean is if you are explaining something in start point you should use this.

conveice: I cant understand this word. I will see later. So thats all for today see you later.

Software Engineer ( est. 2 year later)